Motivational Monday

I was blessed to see Maya Angelou twice.  And I will never forget the time when I saw her with DJ. DJ was like 11 or 12, and she went with me to see Maya Angelou.  Watching her reaction to Maya’s words was the greatest reward.  She was entranced.  She was in awe.  And she reminded me of myself the first time I read one of Maya’s books and found myself inspired.  And that night, she sang – in a jazz style, she sang about being the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.  I honestly wanted to cry.  Her energy filled the entire theatre.  1300 people in that theater, and her words, her song, her energy – well, it lit everyone up.  It lifted everyone up.  DJ ran into someone she knew as we were leaving.  The person made a comment as though the whole thing was boring, and DJ responded forcefully.  “ARE YOU KIDDING?? DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO HER WORDS??”  I felt the same way, but the 11 year old articulating it was more powerful.  Her biggest message both times I saw her? Be the rainbow  in someone else’s cloud.  Be that joy.  Lift them out of the storm so they realize there are rainbows too.  I think, now more than ever, people need to take this to heart.  There is not enough love – there is too much conflict and hate.  We need less lightening and more rainbows.

(steps off of the soap box)

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  1. Dana Carnett says:

    Maya Angelou … *SWOON* And yes … more rainbows!

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