Friday Feelz

Tired  It has been a crazy week!  There was a number of things that had to happen in the first 30 days that our new son is in our care.  Of course, they decided to schedule it all the last week of the first 30 days.  Ugh.  In four days, we have spent 9 hours doing things.  Today is four more hours of fun.  I ended up taking the day off because half of it was going to be half of the day spent at appointments for him to get evaluated, etc. Thankfully, the former HR person on our team reminded me that I could use sick time for these medical appointments.

Annoyed Work has been annoying this week.  The architect who is having issues getting his head wrapped around the changes in the department.  Twice this week, I have had conversations that have resulted in him trying to double the scope of what was being developed.  Like taking a 4 month project and making it 8 months long.  Meanwhile, as I fight him, I have the business wanting their stuff sooner than even the 4 months promised.  Oh, and this guy I’m fighting? HE DOESN’T WORK FOR ME! It has been a very long work week fighting with him as well as reminding my boss that this problem is largely his problem.  Fun fun.

Overload ….as in “Information Overload”. This week we have received the most info about being a foster parent…..and specifically what we have not been doing that we have to do.  Thankfully, everyone we have told related to the case has reassured us that it is fine.  We are new.  Nothing is a big deal.  That is good but damn – there is a lot to know.

Reassured Part of this foster process is getting interviewed about EVERYTHING.   The kids go through it as the state makes sure they are getting the services that they need.  And the adults go through it (usually before this point), so that they can determine if we are good enough to be take on this responsibility.  Last night was a 3 hour session of “tell me about your childhood”.   Towards the end, the certifier commented that he can see why our kids are doing so well because we are clearly a good team together.  It was good to hear that.  Now if I can just get a gauge for his sense of humor because when he asked about being spanked as a child, I withheld my real response which was it just led to me liking to be spanked as an adult.  Wasn’t sure if he would see the humor.

What I’m Enjoying Right Now – I’ve been re-listening to the 2 Veronica Mars books that take place after the movie came out in 2014.   I don’t listen to mysteries very often, but these two books I really enjoy.  Granted, they are based off of a show / movie that I loved with characters that I also love – so is it the mystery I enjoy or the fact it is a continuation of a storyline and characters that I have grown to love? Regardless, it has been a nice escape from all of the crazy this week.



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