Friday Feelz

  • Spent – The past two weeks has been crazy. I decided late in the game that I needed to show my own photography in the gallery I curate, so it was whirl wind of printing, trying to figure out framing / mounting options, and paying a shitload of money to get everything expedited and overnighted to me. All of it was build up to last night – the opening. I am now feeling spent. So much went into that show – I’m ready to exhale and sleep and do something more than stress about a show that is done.
  • Awe-struck – A friend of mine who has been a professional artist her entire life told me that if I am happy with the results of the work – that people will feel it when they view it. She was saying that as she was talking me down from my nervousness. What did I learn last night? She is 110% right. One photographer who, I think, has always looked at me as a hobbiest more than a "real" photographer came up and told me this was the best photography he has seen at the club ever. Another photographer came up to me and said point blank he had to be in front of my camera. I had at least 5 guys come and say they want to be part of the project too. I had the manager at the local strip club featuring only male strippers say that she would love it if I could do this with all of their strippers. The men who work at the club where the gallery is at have all said they want to do it too. One woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and was telling me how blown away she was by the whole thing – then told me I needed to do more and make it into a book. No one blew thru the show – every single person stopped and looked at each photo – and got it. Two of the guys told me before the show that my art statement truly captured the entire experience for them perfectly. They could not have put it into better words. I was blown away by the night and the feedback – not only during the show, but after it as well. I’m still getting messages. I’m sure I’ll have more words in a few days.
  • Loved – Not only did SB and G both attend last night – but every one of my models showed up with their friends too. They showed up – and they mingled and laughed and hugged me a lot. I don’t think any of them – SB and G included – understand completely how much I needed that support. It is easier for me being behind a camera – not in front of it. And last night was me – front and center for all to see. I could not have done it without them in my corner – and not just because they made sure I had a drink in my hand.

That’s all I’ve got – I could go on about the work craziness and all but I’m not feeling it after everything last night. So Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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