10 Random Thoughts

  1. I think the sweater I’m wearing shrunk in the wash.
  2. I got a friend request on Fetlife from a guy who has no friends – just follows a shitload of people. I don’t know him – he doesn’t attend anything that I would attend. It makes me wonder a. how the hell did he find me and b. how did he decided I was the one to be his first friend? Oh yeah, no message or anything from the guy – just a friend request.
  3. No matter how much an outside vendor begs in his unsolicited email to me, I will not "help him" by forwarding it to the "right person" or provide him with the "right person’s contact info".
  4. I wish the IT staff would learn to use the basic applications we give all of our users. Scheduling meetings through the tool is hard. (Not really.) Today someone went off-system to generate something that can be done 100% within the system. No wonder our users don’t know how to use their tools – hard to learn if we don’t know them ourselves.
  5. My photo project is taking off in unexpected ways. I’m happy with the results so far as are the guys who have modeled for me. Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of one of the models who wants to do it too. He didn’t know about what I was trying to do or why, but was interested none-the-less. After explaining it to him, I received back an email where he was sharing with excitement what he has as an idea as well as some other thoughts. I guess this is resonating with people more than I realized.
  6. Framing is expensive……I feel for what my artists go through for a show. I’m reviewing all of my own options right now.
  7. Yay! My friend who started her own Patreon for her photography just got her 2nd patron. Her contribution levels are so freaking cheap that I’m really surprised with all of the online "I’m here for you – you need to do more with your art" that someone doesn’t give up one of their lattes each month to toss $5 her way.
  8. The office is cold today and is causing me to just want to go home and curl up under a blanket.
  9. G’s girlfriend and I work at the same company. This was a weird coincidence or twist of fate. The funny part of it being this way is that I know all of the people on my team that drive her crazy now. One of the guys was pestering her yesterday, so she sent me an email saying "Oh my fucking god! I am about ready to kill him." So I gave her some things to say to blow him off (stuff that was in line with all of our responses to him about the subject.) It’s funny how she can’t be in the same place with me and G because it’s too weird for her. Yet, we have these sorts of correspondences at work.
  10. I wonder if today is the day my oldest gets her acceptance letter into the college that is the front runner. I am happy and excited for her – but not trying to think about how this kid who I love is going to be leaving soon….and turning 18 in about a month…..and graduating….and….and……and…….sigh……time moves faster than you even realize sometimes.

What do you think?

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