Friday Feelz

Grumpy – I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I slept like crap last night for some reason. My brain decided I needed to have a shitload of weird dreams. Weird dreams are rare for me and are usually connected to me getting sick. Don’t feel like I’m getting sick. But I’m surrounded at work by people who have had or have been fighting getting the plague – so who knows. I did find that someone dropped off a many bottles of hand sanitizer in our area which I guess is a sign. Anyway, my grumpiness was compounded by the fact that every line to the coffee places this morning were so long that I couldn’t justify waiting. Halfway to work, I realized that coffee wasn’t just for me but for those around me. So I found a Starbucks and grabbed a cup. Hopefully the grumpy will wane.

Pleasantly Surprised – When I scheduled the first art show of 2018 for the club, I was a bit worried about how it would go. The art opening was going to be held during the already short week where everyone was trying to get back to work and recover from their New Year’s shenanigans. The number of RSVPs was not where I was hoping it would be, so when asked how many people I expected, I responded with a "no freaking idea". The doors opened last night – and BOOM! I had almost 100 people through it within 30 min. That rarely happens. By the end of the night, I had about 150 people for the show which is a great number. And more importantly for the club, 45 of those people were new to the club. That is not only a great turn out, but also achieves what the club owners hope for: more exposure for the club to new people. And during this show, something happened that led to my next feeling….

Blind Sided – Before the show opened, a new person at the club taking over marketing mentioned how they looked forward to us going to monthly shows. Uhm, what? I was literally scrambling to do the finishing touches on the show about to open as I was behind schedule, and this is what I find out. When I start asking questions and making statements around it, the person was like, "You know – I’ve got stuff to do – so we will talk later." I finished up the stuff and called the owner to find out what the hell was going on. Her response: "geesh, we just talked about this late last night at the owner meeting – this was not a final thing but a thing we needed to talk to you about first." Then she apologized and said we would talk when she got to the club. Later the new person came and apologized for "offending me". "Offending me?" I asked, "more like blind-sided me. Nothing you said offended me – you just dumped this on me while I’m trying to open a show and without explanation – then walked away like it is no big deal when it is a HUGE deal for me. This isn’t about being offended – this was about me being blindsided." I guess the upside to the big show was that I connected with at least 4 different artists who want to show. And got encouragement to do my own show too. Now to find help so that I don’t get run ragged with this new schedule….

Grateful – Despite the busy week of work and the art show and an upcoming photo taking gig, I am grateful that everything has lined up in a way that has allowed me time with SB this week. It seems like the universe has aligned things so that I get to spend good time with all of my favorite people, in fact. Honestly, to not feel like I have to trade off my time with those I love for the other crazy commitments is the only thing that keeps me sane through it all. I am truly grateful for that.

Excited – Tomorrow I get to shoot photos as a kink event. It tends to be kind of a fun event to go to not just because I get to shoot photos but because I get to interact with a crew that is kind of awesome. Then on Sunday, I get to shoot the next set of photos in my photo series which I am both excited and nervous about. I want this shoot to be as good as the last one. I am sure it will be.

That’s all I have for this week!
Happy Friday!

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