Friday Feelz

Serenity Now!! – This week, my patience has been tried.  A new guy started in the department a few weeks ago which was exciting at the time, but now? Oh fucking lord.  I appreciate all he is trying to do.  I really do.  He has a need to share his 14 days of IT experience – share his trials and tribulations that he has experienced in his first 14 days of his IT career.  And I think that about summarizes it.  Oh and he’s maybe 28 at most.  I always swore that I would never disparage someone because of their age.  I was young coming into IT – I got shit because of my age.  But the thing I understood? What I know – what I didn’t know – and who I could learn from.  This guy is eager to make his mark.  I get that.  But he’s driving me and my boss crazy.  We are giving him the benefit of the doubt right now – but that may end if he doesn’t sit down and realize his 14 days of IT experience means shit.  And in case anyone thinks I’m making things up with the whole 14 days thing.  Nope.  This is his first IT job.  Ever.

Missing Him – SB is out of town for the holidays – something he does every year because the holidays are not his favorite time of the year.  The hard part of him being out of town? I miss him. I miss him a lot.   Feels like someone important is missing – and he is.

Plotting – I am plotting the next photo shoot.  I am so stoked at how the first one went that I cannot wait until the next one.  I’ve already started looking at the dates the studio will be available to do the next one.  I already have guys willing to do it.  Guess I have people excited and hoping I’ll ask them to be part of this project.   That is exciting.  I just hope the magic from the first shoot continues through the second.

Hopeful – Last week, I discovered they were doing gigabit internet in our neighborhood.  Our current provider has been getting worse and worse as they build and add homes into our neighborhood.  They are clearly not adding bandwidth to the neighborhood despite the construction.  Even though I have had issues with this company with gigabit, I did the math on the offering – read reviews and such – and said “screw it, we are giving it a try”.  Tuesday it was installed – a process that ended up being more painful than we had all hoped.  So far? Awesome!  Unwired, I get about 400 Mbps up and down.  Wired?  About 800-850 Mbps both directions.  We are giving it 2 weeks before I cancel the other service.  I hope it continues to go well so that I can.  I’m sick of the bandwidth issues and the sketchy service.  I want something solid so it stops being an issue.

Cautious – Tomorrow we travel to see family. On one hand, I’m excited.  On the other, I am not.  Why? We are getting winter weather – maybe.  And I live in a state where we don’t do winter weather.  While I can handle it, the real issue lies in all of the people who have no experience driving in it, own an SUV, and decides the SUV will overcome their lack of driving experience.  I will be cautious – I only hope my caution can negate those dumb asses who should have stayed home but did not.  I just want to get there safe without issues.   Here’s hoping the winter weather misses us.  Or people decide to stay home.  Either will work for me.

What do you think?

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