Working from Home

Hi. I’m Emmy. And this meme is me…..

…thanks Hubman for sharing this so I could steal it.

I cannot help it.

But, to be fair, despite the fact that I may take some, ahem, personal therapy session and nap breaks, I do end up working more than an 8 hour day when I am working from home.

But still.  I cannot help it.

One screen is usually my work stuff.  The other, my social media stuff.  And during the course of the day, I’ll come across something online – on Twitter – on Fetlife – on some other site – and I’ll need to take a few minutes to, uhm, relieve the stress.

What can I say? The right stimuli can evoke the right memory or fantasy, then the vibrator brings it home.  Else I sit there trying to work while I can smell my arousal and feel it on my thighs and that distracts me  So when I take a meeting with my vibrating friend, I’m just helping myself focus on work, right?

But in the end (oh, the end – I’d love to take it in the end), I am really just horny. I really just need some attention.  I really just need a helping hand or a beating – oh, who am I kidding – AND a beating – and something to make me focus – to help me focus – for the rest of my day.

And hell, just the idea of that – in the privacy of my own home just makes me…..

……excuse me, I, uhm, need a moment……

please, Gods, new and old – let the vibrator stay charged!!


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  1. Hubman says:

    You’re welcome! lol

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