25 out of 31

25 out of 31 days is how many days last month I blogged.

I was trying to go for every day, but that didn’t happen and that’s ok.

It was nice sitting down and organizing my thoughts and just sort of talking into the ether, as I like to call it. And some of those thoughts generated dialog with people both on blog and on Twitter which was also nice.

So looking back at my quandary of whether or not to keep blogging, I guess my answer is to continue for a bit longer.


In other news, it was weird last night not to have kids trick or treating – or even dressing up. The youngest of the two kids who is 15 was at school until 10 pm for final dress rehearsals for an upcoming play. The oldest was home and made a nod to the season by watching The Addams Family and carving her pumpkin.

We snacked while watching the movie, then watched the World Series game. We only had 5 kids come to the house.

People have asked me if our other dog has noticed her friend is no longer around. On one hand, I think she has. On the other, it is hard to tell given her personality is so big that she would often overshadow him. One change we all noticed last night was when kids came to the door. Harry hated kids which is a great irony given he was raised with kids, but he was an odd dog. When kids came to the door, he would freak out, and, in turn, she would freak out.

Last night, she sat on his bed which is next to the fireplace and just watched. No charging after anyone. It was hard for her to watch after a certain point. She would then start sneaking towards the door slowly (not this giant rush like in the past). I started wondering if we were now seeing her true personality which is not to overreact all of the time. Explains why I heard the opossum falling into our yard at 3 am while she was like "what?"

It has been weird though. I am now wondering how many times I was waking up in the middle of the night because I was hearing the old guy wandering the house. Not hearing him – not worrying about tripping over him on the way to the bathroom – not wondering if he is having a rough night as I hear him pace. It’s weird not having all of these things anymore, but affirming it was time.


Tomorrow night is the last erotic art opening of the year. If you are in Portland, Club Privata – 6-8pm….it’s free during that time – just make sure you are 21 and over.

The show features 10 artist which was a huge undertaking. I am surprised it went as smoothly as it did. *knock on wood* If anything, the hardest part was figuring out where I wanted everything to go. Mix it all up or have people’s works in group. I did kind of both. And it worked.

Now, here is hoping there are more people showing up – more than the whole 20 last opening. The artists have been promoting the show which is the big difference between this one and last. So here’s hoping it goes well.

It would be even better if I sold some art tomorrow! Oh please, oh please, let there be art sold!

I am going to have to ask the owners of the club, but I want to create a page just for the erotic art portion of the club. Then, I figure, I could promote there as well as sell items there too. Make it really easy for people to buy if they choose. We shall see if that could fly. Something I need to think about more.

But in the meantime, I do need to print and get ready for the sale of my own photography in a month. Thankfully I have the process down. Just need to do.


What do you think?

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