I learned a new word today.

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Maybe everyone knows this word already, and I’m just late to the party. And yes, while it is a combination of list and article, I’m more enamored at the fact it rhymes with testicle. What can I say, I’m a middle schooler in age sometimes.

So my listicle for this Friday…..

  • The harvest moon hanging over the cityscape this morning was gorgeous – and me without time or a camera to capture it. At least I got to see it.
  • My clothes seem to be wandering away. Time to go through the rooms of my teenage girls and reclaim my stuff.
  • We are in the mode in the house of seeing how long we can go without turning on the furnace. Something nice about the cool house at night after a summer of way too much hot weather.
  • The last couple miles driving to work are the best. I have a clear view of Mount Hood, so this morning watched the sunrise.
  • Yesterday was a popular birthday day for my friends. Eight of them had a birthday yesterday. New Year’s Eve is a good time to conceive, I guess.
  • Spent a couple hours with SB on Wednesday – and I’m still buzzing from it. I’m still feeling him. And that was just dinner. The the gods new and old he is back in my life.
  • At work, we have a project implementing a transportation management system or TMS system. It’s such a fickle project, the head controller for accounting has said that instead of telling people she has PMS, she is just going to say she has TMS and that is why she is so grouchy and emotional. Definitely works.
  • Yesterday was the first day this week where no one talked about nipples in the office.
  • Tomorrow the Portland Thorns – our pro women’s soccer team – play in the semi-finals. It is the NWSL’s 5th season of operation. The Thorns won the championship the first year. They fell in the semi-finals last year after leading the league in wins. In the past 5 years, there is only one season they missed reaching the semi-finals. Should be a good game because this team is still reeling from their 2016 semi-final loss.
  • Maggie jumped into bed last night with the full weight of her 100 lb body slamming into my shin. I’m really surprised I don’t have a bruise especially given every time she shifted around her head collided with my shin. While it’s OK for her to sleep in my bed if I’m alone, I am quickly hitting the point where she needs to fucking sleep somewhere else.
  • My brother sent me the sweetest photo he found of our yellow lab who passed 4 years ago. He was probably about 1-1.5 yrs old in the photo. I miss that big yellow guy.
  • Crap. Just realized that this morning was supposed to be the morning I was going to go get my oil changed at the dealer before work. And I cannot leave early to do it this afternoon. Damn PMS, I mean, TMS project.
  • God, I’m happy it is Friday.


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