Insomnia Relief

It was 2 am. I was awake for some reason and had been trying to go back to sleep without luck.  Masturbation, I thought, maybe that would help.

I slipped my hand between my thighs and found my clit.  I closed my eyes and started thinking about a piece of erotica I had read  – never bad to have at least a mental reel of erotica playing.

He had her bent over – head down, ass up.

His hand was swatting her ass, then would stop and linger between her thighs.

“Someone is quite wet for someone whimpering about those swats,” he said – then smacked her ass again and again.

When he paused next, his fingers went straight for her ass – ignoring her cunt.  Her breath caught as he pushed a finger into her ass with only the lubrication from her cunt.  “Do you like that, baby?” He asked as he shoved it all the way in.  Her moan answered him even though there were no words.

Even thinking about it, my fingers moved a bit faster on my clit -I could feel I was getting more and more aroused by even the thoughts.

In my mind, he pulled his finger out of her ass, then pushed three more into it.  She moaned again – half out of pleasure, half out of surprise at the extra intrusion.  He moved them in and out of he ass as he reached around her body to find a nipple – and once found, he squeezed it hard.

“Oh, baby – I love how your ass clamps down as I do this,” then he squeezed the nipple again – hard.

Just thinking about this, made me gush as my fingers moved across my clit – and my hips moved under my arousal.

The scene shifts.

It’s me bent over the bed.  My ass is being stretched – more and more with lord only knows how many fingers in my ass.  All I know is that I’m at my limit – and feeling them move in-and-out of my ass – faster and faster has me moaning loudly – I feel the wetness sliding down my thighs.

“Oh yeah, baby – I love how your asshole squeezes my fingers” he says as he squeezes my nipple hard again.

The erotica that started this therapy session has shifted to memory – shifted to time that he and I were together – where I was getting what I needed – and he was enjoying giving it as he pushed my body further than I thought it could be pushed.

While one hand was stroking my clit faster, the other hand found a nipple – found it hard and erect – then squeezed it.

I tried to remain quiet as my orgasm got closer.

And my mind continued.

It continued to play – the memory of feeling him push me further as his fingers stretched my assed, fucked it hard, and squeezed and pulled on my nipples.  The wetness which had been coating my thighs was now gushing – now making me wonder if I should be standing on a towel.  He even comments on it as he feels the moisture.

In my memory, I know I’m close to cumming.  I know I’m close to my limit as the pleasure has me on overload – has me ready to crumble from the weight of how good it feels.

In the moment, I’m on the precipice – I’m ready to cum – I’m ready to feel the release.

And I let it go – I cum. I push my hand into my mouth to suppress my moan.  I try not to shake the bed with my orgasm – but I cum hard.  Then I stop – I lay there trying to catch my breath as I float down from the high.

Even though he isn’t here – I still feel wrung out – feel floaty and relaxed and totally spent – just as I do when I’m with him.   I feel calm just thinking about it – I feel ready to float to sleep.

Which was my goal in the start – even if my path took a different turn into memory.

And now I can drift to sleep….

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  1. Hubman says:

    You know I’m a pervert, right? Never mind, don’t answer that, I know what you’ll say…

    Anyway, knowing that you enjoy a good fisting *and* knowing that you enjoy a good ass fucking, reading this I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever tried anal fisting 🙂

    1. emmyrtws says:

      You’re a pervert?!? Say it isn’t so! Actually, don’t say that because you are more fun as a pervert!

      I have not specifically tried anal fisting , but have been told I’ve gotten close through anal play.

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