Snippets of My Day

Cohort: "So you going to the coast by yourself? Won’t your husband be jealous?"
Me: "Nope, I’m going with a friend. I’m sure my husband will keep myself busy while I’m gone."

What I’m thinking is: By friend, I mean paramour. And I know my husband will keep himself busy. I think he had a date while I’m gone. Sometimes telling the truth is fun – especially.


Cohort A to Cohort B: "So it’s been a while since I’ve asked, how are your wife’s nipples doing?"
Cohort B to Me: "My wife had breast cancer and is getting reconstruction done!!"
Me to the whole group: "Is it then appropriate for me to tell my friend’s story about how she beat cancer but got left with a blue nipple?"

I think I’m still surprising my team with my comments which encourage them.


Network Guy: "……not to be touchy feely about it…."
Me: "But Cohort A likes it when you’re touchy…"
Cohort A: "Now I’m sad…"
Network Guy: <shakes head as he laughs>


After a very long meeting, Boss looks at Cohort A and me and says, "There was too much giggling down where you two were sitting."
Me: "Hey, snark sometimes needs to occur while people are talking – I can’t help it that it made him laugh."


Cohort A: "Wow! I’m really impressed with Help Desk Guy. He came by, asked questions, stuck around to learn the solution. We need more like him!"
Me: "You know he’s the asshole who our boss almost fired when he responded to our boss in a condescending manner, right? I think honestly he is acting nice because he is afraid of being fired."
Cohort A: "Really?!??"
Up walks Network Guy: "Hey Cohort A, when you said Help Desk Guy was a good example of how everyone should be – you gave kudos to a guy who knows he should be fired and is acting nice out of fear, right?"

Me: "A good example of when fear is good."


Wednesday sucked. Lay off suck – not only for the people impacted but to the team. But as the day progressed and this week has progressed, we have learned how the two people were bringing people down – were causing people to put their heads down and just not interact.

Since they are now gone, the team is coming alive. Sure, for some, there is fear. And rightly so. They have been hiding behind people who ignored their poor performance and bad behavior. Those who were annoyed at the lack of engagement or leadership and just not engaging are all rising and re-engaging. We suspected in one area there was a problem – we just didn’t realize the depth of the negative impact it was having.

In the past 2 days, I have laughed more at work than I think I have in about 10 years. A few others have made that same comment and have even commented how the team feels whole again for the first time in many years.

I never thought this job was a bad choice, but to now see how much potential there is – how eager people are to see it evolve forwards makes it feel like an even better fit.

And I know for me, having control over my environment – being able to influence it in big ways – well, I would be lying if I said I did not like that……I actually love that.

What do you think?

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