Photos: Bad Bird and Photo Day

After feeling uninspired to shoot photos lately, I woke up this morning needing to go shoot something.  I blame the energy boost followed by the good sleep that I got after seeing SB last night.  I took a risk and went out to a bird sanctuary outside of town.  And found…..pretty much no birds. Ok, I found a few but VERY few.  Usually, there are eagles and hawks flying around, but today – nada.  I had grabbed my lens I use for landscapes figuring I’d switch to that one and take landscape photos instead.  I stopped, reached for it, and found it was not the lens I wanted.  So no birds, no lens for landscapes, and then the final strike against this trip – my battery died in my camera.  I got a few photos, but not what I had in my head.  Guess I need to plan better in the future – but at least I got out there and did it.


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