Random Recent Photos

I’ve got no words, but I do have photos.  Back in college, I put up a series of paintings for critique as was the process each Monday morning.  The art professor looked at them all – and asked me what was wrong – why did I want people to leave me alone?  I stood there dumbfounded.  I had not even considered my mental state that previous week and how it could have affected my work.  After taking a moment to formulate my response, I said fuck it and responded simply, “everyone in my life is having chaos, and they are all wanting me to fix it.  I am done – and I DO want them to leave me alone.”

I often wonder when I look at my photography – at the subjects I choose – and the composition – what my subconscious is trying to tell me.  What questions would that art professor ask given what I’m choosing to shoot?

What do you think?

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