Images From A Photo Trek


Weeks ago, I posted some photos on Facebook, and a friend asked, “is this from XYZ place?”

They were not from that place but a place nearby.  I decided today that maybe I needed to find the place he had mentioned.  And found that no roads are open right now because of high waters.


So I drove down a path I have taken before – and decided I would go until the roads ended. It was a pretty drive.  A drive, I wish I could have captured better, but, well, I need to go about 4 in the afternoon, not late morning.  The light is wrong for most of it in the morning.

I got a few good shots – shots I played with to make them capture the feel I had when I took them.

I’ll be playing with them a bit more – this is just my first pass. I do love this route though.  Will have to explore more as the years goes on.

What do you think?

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