Spring & Surprises


G’s birthday was yesterday.  And the girls and I pulled off the most spectacular surprise party for him ever.  You see, he is never really around for his birthday.  Usually, he is here or there but not really home.  Seeing the date of this birthday and the rugby schedule and all – I realized that I could actually pull off a party for him.

So, I did what modern people do and created a private Facebook event and invited friends and family.  I invited a lot of people, but thought, maybe only half would come.

Each day, DJ and I would marvel at the number of RSVPs.  At least 75% of those invited RSVP’d.  And most with at least a partner if not three.  At one point,  I wondered if having this at the house was still feasible given we could have 60 people here.

Many curse words were said.

And the girls, well, they fucking rallied  They gave up their spring break to make this happen.

Was he surprised? Fuck yes.

It was amazing.

Especially when he walked into the kitchen to find 40 friends there.  By the end of the night, another 10 showed up.  It was amazing!  It was perfect.  And his friends and all were hellbent on being here.  Even one of the guys he has played with in Seattle was in town and showed up.

It was great.

Today before their game, it was clear that G and his teammates were still flying high from last night.  Fuck, I even told G this morning that I had an energy hangover.  I mean, during the course of 6 hours, I could count on 4 fingers the drinks that I had – and since 2 were his preferred beverages, there was little alcohol than my preferred drinks.  But I woke up happy, feeling drunk yet, and not because I had gotten drunk on alcohol.  Sounded and looked like the feeling was mutual with the entire team.

And it showed.

The game was the best game these guys have played.  They are 1 years old – most of the team is full of first-time players to rugby – and they put together a pretty amazing game.   Another team commented last week that when they get things dialed in – that they will be hard to beat. I would agree.

And today, for the first time in too long, I got to shoot something other than sweaty rugby guys.

What do you think?

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