Oh What A Night!

Snuggled under the covers, curled up in bed with a crazy pitaroo at our feet, we finished watching one of The Grand Tour episodes we had missed. It was Friday. It had been a long, busy week.  So it felt like a good end to the evening.

The episode ended. G shut his laptop and set it aside, and I scooted down under the covers a bit more to get ready for sleep.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m getting warm.”

“Oh, I’ll get you warm.”

I rolled my eyes as that is his response in general.

I joined me under the covers, then I felt his hand on my nipple.

“You know that the kids are outside of the door yet,” I pointed out.

“Then you’d better be quiet.”

Oh hell, this will be a problem.

I felt his other hand between my legs, “someone is wet”, he commented.

What can I say, I was because I needed some attention.

His fingers slid inside me as his mouth found my other nipple. I gasped only to have him release my nipple to remind me to be quiet, only to resume his assault on my nipple both his fingers and mouth.

I silently prayed the kids would go to bed.

No luck.

I tried to give him a taste of my torture by wrapping my hand around his cock.  I heard him gasp.  “Good,” I thought, “let him struggle with crying out like I am.”   He met my challenge with his own….

His fingers found my g-spot – the nipple play increased – and I put my own fist in my mouth to keep from crying out as I flooded the bed in an orgasm.

G laughed.

When I was spent, he released me then moved between my legs so he could slide his cock inside of me.  Oh fuck.  Fuck fuck fuck.  He bent down to whisper in my ear, “be quiet”.  Fuck you – there isn’t going to be quiet, I thought…..then I heard the kids talking.

Why did we have kids again?

He grabbed my vibrator – a cordless version of a Hitachi, turned it on, and put it on my clit as he shoved his cock deep inside.  I started getting close, but was getting loud, so he backed off.  He did this over and over again until, in a loud whisper I demanded, “I want to cum!”

He handed me the vibrator, then pulled out.

I whimpered feeling too much loss.

He chuckled as he drove his cock into my ass.  He grabbed a nipple, then told me in a commanding whisper to cum.  “I’m trying,” I told him, “but keeping quiet is hard!!”

He shoved his fingers in my mouth to muffle the noise.

And I started to cum.

And as I started getting louder than intended, he covered my mouth with my hand, allowing me to vocalize without traumatizing the kids.  With his hand over my mouth, my orgasm amplified.  I came hard – I came as loud as he allowed – I soaked the bed more  – then I tossed the vibrator aside because I couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when he started fucking my ass in earnest.  Without realizing it, I groaned loudly only to feel G’s hand cover my mouth again.

And this is how it ended  – him cumming – hand over my mouth – as I groaned and moaned and flooded the bed some more.

Oh, what a night!

(and no, the kids didn’t go to bed until well after we were done! Fuckers.)

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