The Last Day of Winter Break

(not that it was my last day – but tomorrow I get the quiet house back – ahhhh…..)

11 pm – January 1, 2017, email from former cohort:

“The job is live. Here is the link. Go apply now.”

Yes, sir!

First thing this morning, I went to the website and applied for the job.  I applied for the job that was created with me in mind.  And when I got done, I emailed him to let him know it was done.  Their system is kind of neat too because it let me add my references, then the system messaged them requested a reference.  After doing that, I quickly emailed my two references letting them know what I was applying for, why I think I’m a fit, and requested they keep an eye out for the request.  Why only 2 references instead of 3?  My typical 3rd reference is the guy trying to hire me.  I was going to try to line up another person but decided to wait.  Why go through the hoops if I don’t need it.

So now I wait.  Except waiting, in this case, may only be a day or so instead of the weeks like with other positions.

Fingers crossed it goes well from here.  This is the first job in a long that time I have really wanted.  Other positions were “yeah, I can do this.”  But this one, this one is incorporating all of my experience in IT into one position where I get to define everything.  I don’t have to follow a shitty process – nope, if it’s shitty it is because I didn’t do my job well.  I didn’t realize how much I hated not being in control until I was in a position where I kept trying to get them to change and fix things only to be patted on the head and told not to worry about it.

I was going to workout after I was done, but the girls were in the middle of something in the living room.  So I went to the club to finish the great task of leveling and spacing all of the art on the wall.  That required a venti coffee before I performed that task.  It’s a long, painful process but one that must be done.   My luck was good though because I got there as some club employees did.  They get their parking paid for by the club, so they bought me mine too.  Score!

I am really REALLY happy with this show.  I am showing the images of a good internet friend.  And the main artist gave me some amazing photos for his show.  There was one – fuck – there was one that seriously made me cry.  I was happy I was alone when unwrapping his pieces.  The photographer did faces – faces of women in different states of play.  The viewer is left to fill in the blanks in terms of what happened before, after, or even during the photo shoot.  The one that made me cry is a woman who is flushed from whatever she and her partner were doing, and her expression is one of contentment, of love, of trust, of bliss.  I know that look. I know the look that goes with it, the one of the partner, especially in a kink context.  Good art evokes feelings, and this one evoked an avalanche of them.  I truly applaud the artist – not just for that one but for the others too.

I wrapped up the show and came home to work out.  And realized how the tendinitis in my elbow still bugging me.  But, I will have to say as I was doing more weights, it was helping (as weird as that sounds).   A friend of mine runs a fitness group and asked me to join because I guess I am a good participant.  I’m glad she did because I need to get back in the groove.  I get going, then something trips me up.  Then I’m back at the start again.  I realized my big problem is all of my sports training where if you “stop” or “give up” too soon, then you have failed because you stopped trying.  Undoing that thinking that was installed in my brain over the course of way too many years is necessary.  I mean, it’s good to push, but there is a difference between taking a minute and giving up entirely.  And sometimes, giving up for the day is the right answer especially if on the cusp of hurting yourself.  It’s funny because I also connected that mentality with why someone being a hardass to “motivate me” pisses me off.  They are definitely connected.  It’s the negative on top of negative.  No surprise it leads to negative, at least for me.  We shall see what happens.  The good news about working out is that it is colder than normal here, and it definitely gets me warmed up better than anything else.  Upside, right?

After working out, I rejected the latest batch of random Fetlife submissive men who have “read my profile and thinks we would be a good match”.  I figure if they are truly reading my profile and still think we are a good match that it is an indication of intelligence.  And they have failed the IQ test.  I was telling a fellow kinky friend today that I’m going to embed into my profile a small note that simply says “when messaging me, you must include the following statement in order for me to believe you have indeed read my profile.  You must include ‘the crow flies at midnight with the ballgag”.”   Then I will continue on with my profile. It will be a test to see if people did read and respond accordingly.  My favorite is the submissive male into latex who believes we are the perfect match.  As someone said to me on Twitter, maybe these guys are getting their rejection resolutions out of the way early. The count, so far, two days into the new year is 8 guys.

So now off to try to find sleep.  And more importantly, move the pit bull out of my spot on the bed.  To quote G, “But she’s so cold in the kennel.”  Well if the damn dog would stop eating any blanket we give her, she would not be so cold.  But apparently, if it is in her kennel, it must be eaten.  At least she gives warmth too.  No one will be cold in the bed tonight.  She will just make us realize how small a king sized bed really is.

What do you think?

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