Snow Day – Day 5

They claim the end is near… this weather, that is.  We were also supposed to get above freezing today which I don’t think we did. Depending on which weather person you believe, we may or may not get up to 36 degrees tomorrow – but Tuesday – Tuesday we definitely will……at least for this hour.

I was telling G that I’m going to have to go to the chiropractor after this all ends because the bouncing around on the grooved icy roads has done a number on my body.  I think that and the tension that is inevitable as I driving on this shit.  Today was DJ’s say to go a bit stir crazy.  She finally decided she had enough with all of us, so hid in her room all day.  Then at 4 pm, she announced she was going to meet her friend for dinner.  Guess her friend was also going stir crazy, so they decided to go stir crazy together.

I decided to call my parents today to ask how their snow was going.  Their area has been heavily hit with snow – snow that isn’t going away – snow they are having to relocate out of town because they no longer have any place to put it.  It’s crazy.  When the snow started here, my dad called me just to laugh at us.  I was hoping they were getting snow when I called just so I could return the favor.  No snow. Instead I got to listen to my mom rant and rave about the state of politics, the bullshit that people at work feel they can say as they point to our president-elect as the reason they can say it now, and a number of other rants tossed into the mix.  An hour of my life I will not get back.  Also, another reminder that edibles may help her…..a lot!

The highlight of the day was getting out for a coffee and some photos.  The downside? Where I really wanted to go take photos, I felt I should skip because of the road conditions I would inevitably hit.  So, I chose the responsible route.  Then vowed as soon as this shit melts, I’m going to go out to where I want to shoot photos and shoot them before I have to go back to work.

Have I mentioned that? I go back to work in a little over a week.  I’m excited.

But first, I get to go into the office for the mandatory drug test.  I have to get up early to be there.  I so hope the roads out there are good.  Will be the first time I have to get up early in, uhm……hmmm……I don’t remember when.  Tomorrow morning may be rough.

Holy hell. I just read tomorrow we could have freezing rain and/or snow. What.THE.FUCK?!?!  Here’s hoping that forecast is wrong.  I guess it’s appropriate that I’m ending this post with the photo below.  Winter is definitely making this grin as it fucks with our weather.

What do you think?

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