It Was A Good Day

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I got into the car, looked at the amazing clouds in the sky, put my car in reverse, and started my drive home.

I was at a stop light when it hit me.

Today was a good day.

This is the third day in a row that I left work excited about what I was doing. I was considering doing some weekend reading up on a few things that I would like some more info about before coming back to work on Monday.

And what hit me most?

This is the first time I’ve felt like this about a job in a long time.

Yes, I am in that honeymoon period – that time of “NRE” for the job.  But I knew the first day at the last job that it was going to be a constant uphill battle.  I realized after I went full-time that I was never going to learn or truly understand the business because it was like this carefully guarded secret.  You’d ask questions of clarification and get even more smoke blown at you.

Honestly, at times, I wondered if the model was that complex, or if I really just didn’t know business, or if there was something else at play with the way I was trying to learn this business.  I hit a point where I stopped trying to understand, so I stopped asking questions.

Last night, before I left, I cornered the senior software developer and told him my mission.  He started arguing, presenting why it wasn’t that easy for this reason or for that, and left me wondering if I was going to be successful at all in performing my first task.

This morning, we had a 90 min conversation that had me asking him questions that made him sit back a few times and say, “I never thought of it that way” or “yeah – that’s exactly the issue – and then…” with him going on to explain what complicated things for this reason or that.  When we were done, I was like “damn, I totally get what’s happening here and why and the challenges they are facing and why…..holy shit, I do know business more than that last place ever gave me credit!”

As the light turned green and I continued my drive, I found myself smiling.

The fit is still there.

No flags.

Challenges yes.

But only in a good way.

Yeah, today was a good day.

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