By the time….

By the time you read this blog post,

I will be at work.

My last day of work was approximately March 25, 2016. Damn, it’s been TEN months?!?  I lost a month in there somewhere.

I had someone yesterday start congratulating me on the job, then started saying, “I know the market is hard…”

I stopped him.

Yes, for some, the market is hard.  But my unemployment was this lengthy by choice, I assured him.  No condolences.  No extra celebration because I overcame the hurdle of the economy or something.  I’d rather celebration the fact I found the right job for me at a company that is unlike the shitty company I got laid off from.  I’d also like to celebrate that I did not happen upon what looked like a dream job at a health insurance company.  Why? With the Affordable Care Act in the balance, I’m seeing people I know getting laid off as health insurance companies start reorganizing in anticipation of lost revenue.  Interesting side note.

And in other good news, a person I’ve been friends with since we met at the age of 10 is coming to visit me in March.  I’m so freaking excited!  I give him shit all of the time that he comes here to see his parents but never me. The bastard!  So he decided the next vacation will be him coming here to see me – and maybe his parents if he has time.  Works for me.

Here’s to hoping I don’t get lost or lose my way in the building or forget too many names.

What do you think?

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