Bird Brain

My brain isn’t showing any signs of shutting off tonight.  Lots of reasons for it, but the number one reason seems to be a combo of going stir crazy from this weather and anticipation of a possible job offer.

First the job offer, I’m trying hard to remind myself that “no news is good news”.  I truly believe that if there had been a problem that my friend would have already called.  But that little voice in my head worries. Worries I was overly confident. Worries that I didn’t do enough in the interview.  Worries that they are internally debating the hire.

I just really want this job for so many reasons.

And I hate waiting.

And the weather – ugh!  Last week, G and the youngest both were home one day due to weather related issues at school.  Today, no school for everyone because of the ice.  This is after the extra long winter break thanks to the weather.  I’m kind of sick of the weather.  I hate feeling stuck which is what it has been.  They experimented this time around with the idea of putting salt on the roads.  It helped in the test area, but, I think, gave people a false sense of security too.  Salt only does so much.  They had so many fucking accidents this weekend that it was insane.  I drove DJ’s girlfriend home Sunday and kept seeing people being dumb.  I used it as a teaching opportunity to both the girls as I explained why they were being unsafe and how to be safe.  I think I got their attention when I did slide but recovered easily thanks to all of those years driving on the snow and ice in Iowa.

Yay muscle memory!

But I cannot complain too much.  Talking to my dad today, they have so much snow that everyone has run into a problem of where to put it.  The area he lives has no parking strips between the sidewalk and the road.  And the city requires all homeowners to clear the sidewalk to keep things safe.  So, owners clear the sidewalk, the plows go by throwing the snow from the road back onto the sidewalk, and the sidewalks are even deeper than before.  The funniest part of this whole thing? He lives in an area where everyone is anti-big government, anti-taxes – yet they bitch there aren’t enough plows on the road, they bitch the city isn’t out clearing the owners’ driveways, and they bitch they are making them scoop the sidewalks.  My dad’s neighbors actually expect the city to take care of all of that.  My dad asked how much they were willing to pay for that service.  “Nothing, they should just do it.”  Uhm, yeah….not how it works.

My only wish? To get a fucking job so I can hire someone to go take care of their snow issues for them.  My mom keeps trying to go out and school but has been told not to given her medical issues.  My dad keeps trying to but between his back and his heart, he should not be doing that shit.  I did my best today to not say out loud to my dad what I was thinking which was “you have two sons nearby  – both are healthy and capable – why aren’t they over there helping??”  When I made that comment to G, he agreed that if we were closer that we would have had them dug out by now.  I guess that’s just how I was raised. No fucking idea what family my brothers were raised in.

Just so I don’t make this a huge negative post.  A week or so ago, I was out taking photos in the gorge where there are tons of waterfalls and such.  I went out in hopes of capturing iced over falls.  I was playing with a new camera toy and was doing long exposure shots.  I looked over to see that a guy was proposing to his girlfriend.  Looking at my photos, I thought I may have accidentally caught it.  I checked to make sure I had a business card, ran up the hill after them, and gave them my card saying “congratulations on the engagement – and I may have caught it by accident.  Email me, and if I did, I’ll happily give you the photos.”  They took the card and gave me an awkward thanks.  I headed back to my car.  I didn’t want to linger like I was trying to convince them I should shoot their wedding or something.

Out of the blue this weekend, I got an email.  I was happy they emailed me because I got two pretty good photos.  I exported them as full files (suitable for printing) and emailed them back.  I figured I would get a “gee thanks” back.  Nope. I got a great email back with lots of thanks and assurance that these were going to the printers immediately and would be on display in their home.

Honestly, the way those photos caught the occasion was pretty breathtaking.  I don’t say that as the photographer.  I say it because they were in this bigger than life place, on the edge between safety and falling into the falls, and I caught it.  They were small – the falls were big – they looked on that edge – and it was magical how it was captured.  Total accident.  But if you believe that God, the Gods, higher powers, the universal energy or whatever doesn’t put you where you shouldn’t be – then I was meant to capture it.  I’m glad they loved it as much as I did.  And damn am I glad I had business cards on me.

What do you think?

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