Day 18: Tree

Yesterday, we got our tree up finally.  We usually like to “go hunt the wild Christmas tree”,  but the weather has forced us to a tree lot. Actually worked out fine as we got the right sized tree.  Funny how that happens.

Today was an odd day. We all went to bed around midnight last night.  It happened by accident as we didn’t realize it was as late as it was.  Then we got up and dragged through our day.  I had bought tickets for us to go see Rogue One today. We went there, fought the crowd, drank beer, ate, and watched the movie.  It was pretty good.

I thought about going out tonight.  I’ve been trying to get out at night when I can. But I just can’t.  Don’t know the blockage. Some of it is me being tired.  Some of it is me wishing I had a friend to go with – a partner-in-crime if you will.  Some of it is that it’s cold outside and I’m warm and don’t want to go out again.


What do you think?

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