Day 17: Cheer

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. ~Buddy Elf

Bah, humbug ~Scrooge

I’m feeling the latter.

G has been dealing with a tooth situation that is going to have him getting a root canal after Christmas.  I’m thankful that they were able to get it fixed enough that he can eat, sleep, and do things. While he did not sleep, I did not sleep.  It’s hard when someone is hurting and is up and down and all around trying to manage the pain.  Last night it was a million times better. But there wasn’t enough night to catch up on all of the sleep I’m missing.

Needless to say, I’ve not been feeling the holiday cheer.

We went to get a tree today.  The upside of us staying in town this weekend is we could get a tree finally. The girls were helping, kind of.  Teenage helping involved a cell phone in one hand for texting, and another hand holding stuff while they are not paying attention.  After getting annoyed, I decided we had errands to run.  I left it for them to do.  Seems that was the right tactic because they actually put down their phones and did it.

Meanwhile, G and I fought the masses who all are trying to get caught up after several days of being stuck inside due to the snow and ice.

It was in that moment when I realized how much I really was not in the mood for all of this.  I just want to go hide for a while.  Runaway from the parental guilt for not throwing caution to the wind and travel during the weird weather. Runaway from the kids and their mood shifts from hating each other to loving each other to hating each other again.  Runaway from toothaches, dogs who want to be in the middle of everything, and a cat who just wants the dogs gone.  Runaway from printers who are giving me issues and other things not working as I need them to work.

I have a chance to go to a party tonight, but my headspace is weird. I doubt I can fix it in time.

So I will try to find Christmas cheer with some good beer. Maybe a funny movie.  Maybe a bath. Maybe another good night of sleep will help too.

One can hope.

What do you think?

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