Day 11: Silver & Gold

I think the prompt today was “wrapping paper”……another day, another change because, well, that’s just…nah…..

My youngest has been participating in a girls’ running group which meets after school.  The culmination of the program is they run a 5K together.  The catch is that each girl needed a female “running buddy” as the coaches are not allowed to run with them. (No idea why.)  So I was enlisted to be that “buddy”.  I started worrying about training until I heard that basically my daughter was walking like 95% of the training runs.

So today, after getting to sleep at about 4am this morning, I was up at about 6am to walk to the meeting place for this race.  (It was near our house making driving stupid.)  We had to be there an hour before the race started.  It was rainy, windy, and cold outside when we left before sunrise.  We got there, hung around for over an hour, then started the race.  I believe I got her to run more during this race than any of her training runs which is saying something given I haven’t run in months.  After the run, we walked home, and I went back to bed.

As for my date today, it could be summarized in one phrase: “You can hit me harder, you know?”  Yeah, I do not think he is the sadist I’m looking for.  Oh well, it was a step forward. Step forwards are good.

What do you think?

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