30 Days – Day 26: Wisdom

I am grateful for the people I have encountered in my life who have shared with me their wisdom.  I was chatting online about this yesterday with one such person after she posted an article about a website aimed at getting students to report any professors or teachers who are liberal.  The aim by the group is to help conservative students avoid anyone who may try to convert them.  When I read this, I had many reactions but one was at how sad it is that we are living in a world where people are less and less likely to listen to those who may have a different point of view and try to learn from them.  Some of the most interesting conversations I have had over the years have involved someone who sees the world differently than me.  I like walking away understanding someone else’s point of view.  I may still not agree with it – but at least will understand where they are coming from and why.  I love the exchange of ideas.  I am also grateful there are still some people in the world who are still willing to exchange ideas and share wisdom in a way that isn’t shoved down one’s throat.

What do you think?

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