Random Wednesday Brain Dump and Things….

  • I have to go into the gallery this morning and move two pieces of art.  The owner wants them swapped.  That would normally be no big deal but one piece is hanged landscape while the other is portrait.  The frames are different sizes too.  This means, I get to swap them and then move all of the art on both walls to re-space and level them with each other.  I tried hard to figure out what the concern was so I could make a different suggestion of which pieces to swap (pieces that meant I was swapping a landscape with a landscape or a portrait with a portrait).  No go.  I was happy when I left on Monday to be done.  Guess I counted my chickens.
  • I am trying to decide what I’m going to do for the next show.  I have 6 artists in queue – and no one wants to do a December show.  I had an idea a while ago to put together a huge group show called “Naughty Santa”.  Not sure I have enough time to do a call for art that results in a good show.  I figure tomorrow during the show, I’ll talk to some artists to see if they would be interested in it.  Providing one to three pieces for the show is much easier than doing a whole show of 20.
  • I’ve decided that being a senior level person makes job hunting MUCH harder.  Apply for something that reads as senior but isn’t, and people wonder what is wrong with your ability to get a job more suitable for your experience.  Apply for something too high up, and get to hear about how you really aren’t qualified because even though you have that experience, it was too long ago.  Then there are the jobs like the one I was in the running for the last few weeks.  On paper, I’m exactly what they are looking for.  However, management discord has resulted in the 3 hiring executives to all talk to their staffing contacts saying they are looking for different things.  Start humming “It’s a small world” because when I got flags while talking to them, I got more info about their challenges from others.  Challenges, I should mention, that I asked about directly but was assured that was not happening there.  Yeah, small community of IT professionals – and we talk.
  • My MIL asked the other day if I thought I could stay unemployed another six months.  I wonder if I could. Has me thinking for sure.
  • I’m signed up to sell prints and other versions of my photography at an upcoming holiday pop-up at the school.  I need to start putting together what I’ll be selling.
  • The cat (aka Das Moose – he’s german, we’ve decided) just tried to jump into a closed window.  It was like a bird splatting against a window pane – except the bird is a large ginger cat.  He walked away like he meant to do that.  I opened the window for him so he could watch the birds at the feeder which is what he was attempting to do.
  • I am deliberately ignoring the presidential and vice presidential debates.  Why? I already know who I’m voting for – and I don’t need to become further depressed by the state of this country.  I figure it is best for my mental health. Meanwhile, I love the unfollow capability on social media.  A good way to make sure I can still talk to people after the elections while not thinking “what a fucking idiot” in my head given all the bullshit they are saying online using a keyboard.
  • I am still processing the Portland Thorn’s loss on Sunday.  I rarely get so invested in a professional sport, but that team is my exception.  I have always supported women’s professional teams.  I guess since I was a beneficiary of Title XI as a high school and college athlete, I can’t help but support professional women’s leagues for team sports.  There is something about the Portland Thorns that are much more that just a pro women’s soccer team.  There is an energy to their games.  They bring class to the sport itself with how they serve the community and keep their actions in check on the field.  Even after their loss, they all collapsed onto the field.  They took a moment, regained their composure, shook the hands of the other team, and thanked the fans.  There is video where they are thanking the fans as is their usual post-game ritual.  You can see them all pausing for a moment here and there, taking that deep breath to regain composure, then continuing on.    The Thorn ended the season #1 in the league.  And I should be planning to watch them in the championship game this weekend.  I rarely blame refs for determining the game.  Even when coaching, I would teach the girls what I was taught which is the refs are just part of the game variables just like the weather, field conditions, etc.  You adjust play accordingly.  There were, however, 3-4 missed calls that if they were not missed could have shifted the game.  Two were missed penalties that could have resulted in a penalty kick.  There were a number of other calls missed too. In the second half alone, there were 6 yellow cards issues.  SIX.  And the head coach of the other team was ejected at one point.  While the fans are all going crazy about the game and the refs, the team did not.  None interviewed mentioned the missed calls.  All apologized for falling short.  All commented how they owed the fans a better end than this.  Like I said, they are a class act.
  • I also need to find time to take my car into the dealer.  Over the weekend, we went to the farm of a friend of my in-laws to help with apple pressing.  It was a lot of fun.  But we had to park in the back part of their field which was smooth and all, so I thought no big deal.  This car is MUCH lower to the ground than my Outback was.  I guess when backing out, something caught the underside of my bumper and knocked something loose. That’s about as specific as I can get given where it’s at, etc.  All I can say is I hate plastic on cars.

Ok, off to get my day going.

Tomorrow will be a long one.  Yay art opening day!


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