Photos: Autumn at the Zoo

We were all home today – no scheduled events. So we asked the girls what we are going to do as a family.  They chose the zoo.  My two teenage girls got giddy over the zoo.  So we had to go to the zoo.

I think it has been at least 5-6 years since we went to the zoo.  And it was a gorgeous day for it.

California Condor eating a calf.  There was a huge sign warning that the birds had been fed a carcass which could be disturbing to people. Seeing the bird pluck out the eyeball was definitely an adventure.

Love the light on the harbor seal but also the happy look on its face.

Happy hippo

The rhino was bored. He kept pacing.
Family portrait. Dad, mom and the three kids.
The new elephant exhibit at the zoo is amazing and huge. I’m happy for the elephants

What do you think?

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