PinkSourcing and Other Fun

(Warning – to see the videos – you have to go the site. I noticed recently that the videos don’t always come through email and other feeds.  So come to the site – watch the videos – and laugh.)

I have had a long fucking day.  I was going to go out tonight – because I needed a night away from being mom and wife and caretaker.  With our elderly dog’s health issues hitting an all time low point today, I found myself happy to be off the emotional rollercoaster and on a good path.  I had to run to the store and was thinking about my night as I was doing my shopping.  I paused to figure out what else I needed to get when it hit me.  I had not eaten all day.  It was 5:15pm when I had this realization.  I had a cup of coffee and some water.  That was it.  And during that pause, I also realized how fucking tired I was. Mentally, emotionally, and physically tired.

So I stayed home.

I was chatting with a friend of mine and sent her the video about “PinkSourcing” – a video starring Kristen Bell.  I must disclose I have a huge girl crush on Kristen Bell. Started with her early Veronica Mars character, but grew bigger as she did other things.  When she did the Veronica Mars movie, the outtakes and all just made me fall in love with her even more.  She truly loves every fan she met.  And I also loved how she made it right after having given birth.  She would have nursing and pumping breaks.  How she handled it resulted in the crew being so supportive of it that they even had a code phrase for it.  It was great.

Anyway, so I send her this video about Pinksourcing which is awesome….

While she was watching, I found this video which had me giggling like mad too.

After that, I found this other video which made me giggle when they were asked “What is the key to a good marriage” and they both answered “swapping.”

At this point, I don’t know who is giggling more, me or my friend.  “Have you ever seen the video she and Dax did on their last vacation before having kids?”  She told me she had not.  So I sent it to her.

“Seriously,” she wrote me, “I didn’t think Ms Bell could get any cooler – but she just did.”

Then she sent me this video.

I’m surprised DJ didn’t text me to make sure I was OK.

“Ok, I’m going before I fall down the YouTube hole,” my friend messaged me.

“Too late for me, ” I replied, “but thankfully this hole has Kristen Bell in it – so I’ve gotta get back! 🙂 ”

What can I say – I needed this more than a night out.


On a side note: the elderly dog has been diagnosed with a bulging disk or something like that.  He is on 3 different drugs now.  And is in a very good place as he lays here on the couch.  The biggest issue we will have? Keeping the other dog from bugging him.  But all I’ve heard from people is that he can make a good recovery – just needs time to heal and rest.  Here’s hoping he starts eating soon.

What do you think?

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