Photos: Learning

While Indigo was with my parents, they found the hard truth about being with a teenager. It is VERY difficult to find a place to connect with them.  My parents saw the girl every so often before they moved here about 6 year ago.  Before that, their connection came more through Facebook photos and hearing about them through me than through direct interaction with the kids.

When G surprised me with the cruise almost a year ago, I immediately spoke with my parents and suggested that for that time that they take the girls.  My nieces have have the privilege of growing up with their grandparents.  This would be a chance for them to close the gap with my kids.

I think they all realized – my parents and my siblings – that it was not as easy to do that when they are teens.

My dad finally figured out a way to do it.  Photography.  My dad has always been interested.  And he has a pretty damn good eye for it.  Because they connected as they did over photography, my dad gave her one of his old digital cameras.

Last Saturday, Indigo and I were supposed to go to Seattle for the day.  That fell on its face when I woke up and found my eye swollen shut. Yay horrid allergies.  (ugh)  We had a good day together at home – but Sunday were were determined to go take photos together.

“I have a great idea of where we could go,” I told her, after she rejected my first idea.

We fought traffic and all – got there – and found the place closed. We wandered around a nearby historical site, talked composition and lighting – and we both took photos.  Then we went to the Chinese Gardens for a bit.

The photography was OK.  The sun was in a harsh position – it was hot – and the gardens were crowded.  But what was great? The time with Indigo.

And really – that’s what it was all about.  I need to steal her camera so I can download her photos because I’m curious.  She acted as model but also was learning – trying to take my suggestions and apply them.  I heard about life and her friends and school and all. And I would be amiss to not mention – what enhanced it more? She got grounded from her phone, so she was not a slave to the notifications.  She was present.


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