Only In My Dreams

I woke up at 3:40am on the brink of an orgasm.

And frustrated.

Because I was on the brink of an orgasm while dreaming – and I woke up which kept me from having one, or so my frustrated self believed.

What I remembered from the dream was fragmented but easily pieced together.

I was with him. Kissing led to biting which lead to my skirt around my hips and me being forced over his lap.

His hand was in my hair – forcing me down – while his other hand swatted my ass hard.

Once, twice, three times – each strike I would squirm, and he would hold me tight, telling me I deserved a spanking…..I needed a spanking. His hand struck my ass over and over again until my squirms weren’t from the pain but from trying to rub my cunt on him – trying to get off.

He paused.

His fingers dragged lightly over the marks on my ass, then slid to my pussy.

“Some one did need this like I thought,” he remarked as he found my pussy soaking wet not only on me but his leg.

He slid three fingers into my cunt fast, and I groaned at the unexpected invasion.

“You like that hard and rough, do you?”

I groaned in response because with those words, he began fucking me with his fingers …..hard…..the way I like it – the way I needed it.  Then he suddenly pulled them out and started spanking me again.

My next groans were in frustration at my pussy being unfilled.

He let go of my hair, but his fingers found a new handle to keep me still – a nipple – a nipple which he pinched and pulled and twisted.

“Some one is getting wetter.  Does this make my baby wet?” he teased.

“Oh, god, Daddy – yes!” I moaned.

He stopped spanking me, then dragged me into the bedroom.  He pushed me onto the bed, and I heard his belt leave his pants as the leather of the belt dragged through the belt loops.  The leather struck my ass over and over again -and all I could do is groan and wiggle and want.

He paused again, but I felt his hand on my back pushing me flat into the bed, while his knee pushed apart my legs, and he shoved his cock into my ass with one stroke.  I tried to buck back against the sudden invasion, but the weight of his body kept me from doing it.

“Take it,” he growled into my ear. He fucked my ass hard which reaching around to squeeze a nipple, and I groaned some more as he chuckled into my ear this time, then bit that spot where my shoulder and neck meet hard.

“I know what my girl needs.”

Oh God, yes, he does.

He kept fucking me hard – over and over – until I was on the brink of cumming – cumming from his cock in my ass – cumming from my clit rubbing against the bed……

I was going to cum hard….

Then I fucking woke up.

I would have screamed in frustration had I been alone in bed.  But I knew it would be met with shock from both G and the dog.  And not in the “let me finish this way”.

After a few minute, I finally slid my hand between my legs, found my clit, and came.

I came hard, silently, and without the pain I like – I crave – I need.

I came but it was lacking.

I almost started to cry realizing that I need that spanking, that fucking, that pleasure with my pain.

Fucking dream.

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