Adventures with Squirrels

I have always tried to put bird seed out for the birds.  But it had been a while mainly because I kept forgetting to get some.  When I put some out a month ago, it did not attract the birds but the squirrels (and the rats who were forced out of the zombie house nearby- yay rat poison).

But back to the squirrels.

I had already put up a hanging plant that I found in hopes of attracting back the hummingbirds that found my flowers in the past.  Ironically the squirrels like the plant too.

This is the daily event:

Hello, Ms Squirrel.

“Oh, hello!” says Ms Squirrel.

“Oooo! What is that?” asks Ms Squirrel.

“I LOVE this plant!??” says Ms Squirrel.

“What are you looking at?? I’m just a squirrel in a hanging plant – nothing to see here!” says Ms Squirrel.

“Hmmm….what did I find?”

“I must jump onto the hummingbird feeder!! I MUST!!”

“Now I will show you my rope climbing skills.  I don’t know what I’m looking for – but I will climb up higher to see if I can find the elusive bird seed.”

Ms Squirrel decided to avoid jumping on the bird seed feeder.  I guess she decided that it was too risky.

I have chased this squirrel from the porch and my plants about 10 times today as I do not want her to ruin my plants and wreck my hummingbird feeder.  Granted, it would be funny to see the hummingbird chase off the squirrel.  The hummingbird has chased off all of the birds including a big crow.  It’s been funny.

Yeah, life is uber exciting – when I’m bird and squirrel watching.

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  1. Brian says:

    Willing to bet the squirrel only like the plant because of it’s proximity to the feeder. It’s become a means to an end. Those little bastards are ingenious when it comes to figuring out how to get to the seed. I have been reduced to hanging bird feeders from the eaves of the house and at least 8 feet away from anything they might use as a springboard. It’s worked for years, but now I find them climbing nearby shrubs, jumping over to the window screens and attacking the birdseed from there. Our very indoor cat goes ballistic when a squirrel lands on the screen 2 inches in front of his face. He is certainly no deterrent either. Good luck with the squirrels.

    1. emmyrtws says:

      My bird feeder is hanging on the eaves of the house – just like the plant. And they are using it as a jump-off point. I separated the two a bit further, and now the squirrels seem to be staying away. Like your cat, mine goes crazy as does my crazy pitbull who just wants to play with them 🙂

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