Never Forget A Student

Yesterday, as I’m talking to the handlers about the owls, I made a comment G teaching at his school.  One of the handlers comments “Really? You must be new because I don’t remember you.  My son went there through 8th grade.”

Without thinking, I responded with “oh, well, he was there.  He taught 4th and 5th grade then moved to the middle school program when they went K-8.  What was your son’s name?”

She looked confused but told us who her son was.

G smiles, “Oh, he did fencing if I recall right.  And was pretty good at it.  He was part of the small class that graduated from the school – but was a community leader and loved learning math and science.  And he liked flirting with all of the girls.  How is he?”

The mom looked shocked.  “Yep, that’s my son”, then she launched into catching him up on how her son was doing.

I stood there watching and listening and chuckling to myself.  Why?

G taught this kid at a small school for 4-5 years.  This kid’s mom didn’t recognize him by look or by name.  Yet when she says her son’s name, G launches into all of these details about this kid he recalled – and nailed it,  I should mention this kid left his classroom 6 years ago.  Since his class left the school, G has taught 100+ more kids.  Yet he still remembered this kid and the details of who he is and what he was interested in.

We are on the cusp here in Portland of another teacher-district contract negotiations.  When the 2016-2017 school calendar was proposed, the district leadership asked it not be approved given it’s a negotiation year meaning who knows what will happen with the teachers. I read that in the meeting notes and thought “so it begins” – the smear campaign as though the teachers are money hungry and don’t care about the kids.

Though at a personal trip to the bird hospital to show his wife the owls, one teacher showed that no matter how much time has passed, that he still remembers the students.

Nope, teachers don’t care about their students. They don’t try to get to know them at all.  They are just worried about money and their summers off.

Yeah – that’s what they are all about.

*shakes head*

What do you think?

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