Good Question


Brene Brown, a story teller and researcher, often posts photos from a site called Notes On The Way.  The owner is a poet who often creates images of her own poems in moving settings, but on occasion she pulls quotes from people and writes them to share.  Brene Brown is a person she often borrows from.  But the other day, this one came up.  And it spoke to me.

The story behind it is simple.  It was a question her therapist asked her one day.  She says: “this is a question my therapist asks me all the time that has really made a huge difference in how I process my emotions and experiences. Am I choosing to follow my past hurt around like it’s all there is, or will I move forward believing instead I am lovable and courageous and free?”

It spoke to me.  Hell, it spoke to a lot of people.  When I quoted it to a friend one day, she stopped in her tracks.  “How fucking profound” was her reaction.


Since reading this, I have used it to gauge my actions – my response.  Am I responding because that’s what my spirit says or because I’m wounded? Am I wanting to do it because of the wound or because of it being who I am?

It leads to some interesting internal questions as to what is motivating me.

I always want it to be my spirit, but sometimes it is because my spirit is wounded.  And, well, when my spirit is wounded, it does not make the best decisions.

What do you think?

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