The Best Therapy


This came across my timeline today on Facebook. I posted it a couple of years ago.  For me, the beach is the best therapy – or as it is known around here – the coast.

To talk for a moment about the regional lexicon of calling the beach the coast instead.  Swimming times, if you so choose to try it, are measured in how many minutes you can be in the water without hypothermia setting in.  You can wade in the ocean at the beach – but unless you have a wet suit, you don’t swim.  Also, going to the ocean is often a cooler experience than one might expect.  If it’s 80 degrees in the valley, it’s about 60-65 on the coast.  Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but again, doesn’t fit the image we all have of going to the beach.  When you are in the Pacific NW and someone says “coast”, know they are talking about the beach next to the ocean.  Beach here can refer to a beach on a river or lake especially if we’re talking swimming.  Ok – enough of the explanation.

Today, SB and I go to spend a few days on the coast.  We’ll be enjoying a room overlooking one of my favorite parts of the coast.  We will be soaking in the energy the ocean naturally provides.  And it will be wonderful.  Wonderful to get away from life for a while, recharge, and spend it with my paramour.

Early this week, I was dreaming of the beach.  SB and I were being show a secluded place on the beach – a beach next to warm water, that was warm and gorgeous.  Our guide commented to us that this was considered the most energetic point along the beach.  And sitting there on the sand as the waves came in, you could feel it.  I could feel the stress draining away -I could feel myself recharge.  Waking up, I knew that I was more than ready for this weekend – this time, at a place with a man, which does just that – recharges me.

Nothing like some beach therapy to recharge. Add on some kink therapy, and, uhm, grin!

What do you think?

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