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While I watch the rest of the country talk about warm weather and thunderstorms, the Pacific Northwest has been experiencing a wetter than normal winter.  We had 27 days of consecutive rainy weather.  We surpassed the monthly rain total 10 days into the month of December.  We’ve had windstorms, rainfalls of 3 inches, and cold snaps.  Today, we awoke to messages from friends in higher elevations about snow.  I looked at the forecast and found we were in a winter weather advisory.  WHAT?!?

When we hadn’t seen snow by lunchtime, I expected it was just passing us by.  Then, the snow started falling.  Lightly at first – you had to look carefully to see it.  But soon large flakes were coming down.

The temperature was still about 34-35 degrees, so nothing was really sticking but melting upon hitting the ground.  It was still crazy to sit inside and see these huge snow flakes fall from the sky while reading about the warmer weather in the areas usually snowy this time of the year.

I went outside to take see if I could get some photos.  Nothing came out that was worth sharing.  But I noticed the drops on the thorns of my rose bushes. Then I noticed the reflections.  I was able to get some snow on the hens-and-chicks before I came inside.

The snow finally slowed, then ultimately stopped.  The cars still have a nice dusting.  And spots on the ground still have some flakes.  But the cold remained.

So tonight, there is a fire in the fireplace – homemade bean & ham soup on the stove (yay ham bone!), and bread doing it’s final rise before it gets baked.  I have one kid in the bath relaxing.  I have another kid playing one of her video games.  And G is out on a rope date.

Tomorrow it is back to the grind of work.  I’m curious to see how many people show up.  The company is being acquired with some decisions by the new company having been passed down & resulting in people being less than motivated.  Add into that the fact my boss is less than enthusiastic about working – and it should be a day where I work on my resume since work will be sparse.

It really is too bad it didn’t snow more…..a snow day would have been delightful.

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