How To Pretend To Work During The Holidays

My disclaimer given the title – I hate pretending to work.  I hate being at the office just to say I was there.  When I was a contractor, I would bill for my time worked – then leave.  I was open and honest about it too.  If I didn’t have work to do, I would leave instead of billing them for me screwing around pretending to work.  Sadly, I am in a full-time position working for a boss at a company where presence is more important than output.  So, even though most of the office is gone making it almost impossible for me to get anything done, I am forced to sit her pretending to work.

So what am I doing?

  • Listening to the audio book of the Harry Potter series.
  • Reading The Last Halloween because I was behind & decided it was a perfect time to catch up.  This is a great online comic created by Abby Howard.  I fell in love with Abby Howard when she was on the web series Strip Search.  Her humor and snark in her comics was hilarious.  Whenever she was in an elimination, it was hilarious listening to her verbally spar with the creators as she put together a hilariously twisted comic strip.
  • Playing with Amazon Cloud which today is $10 instead of $60 for unlimited everything on their cloud service.  I’m always looking for a better cloud solution as hardware breaks and that always worries me given the photos I have, etc.  I figured for $10 it’s worth a try.
  • Chatting with a friend via IM.
  • Working on my resume which has become working on totally reworking my resume.  Rough part of doing it is finding a format I like – and I always hate the ones I have – so if you have one you love – contact me.
  • Talked to my cohort about such topics as the differences between Canadian candy vs US candy.  Kit Kats, for example, are made by two different companies depending on the country.  Mars does US Kit Kats & Nestle does Canadian Kit Kats.  They do taste different too – my cohort made me eat a Canadian Kit Kat.  He is from Canada and has a friend who sends him a huge box of various candies each Christmas…..and he doesn’t like sweets.    We also talked about growing vegetables and eating kale and edamame.
  • Researched how to make my raised garden beds into mini-greenhouses.  Here is what I want to do.
  • Poked around on LinkedIn seeing who has what jobs posted.
  • Talked to another cohort about her new job at a different company.  I wish her luck because, well, what they want to have happen are opposing each other in terms of objectives.
  • Cleaned off some photos off of my iPhone.  Ok – cleaned off more than some – cleaned up a LOT of photos off of my phone.
  • Cleaned up the bookmarks in my web browser.
  • Dusted my cube which is a big deal given we had a long weekend which means the dust is pretty bad. The office HVAC is not healthy and routinely sprays dust throughout the office.
  • Chatted with G who was trying to get me to do his homework for his online class because, well, I said I was bored.
  • Went into the lunchroom and joined the small crowd watching European soccer.
  • And read a variety of news articles.
  • Wrote a blog post about all of the stuff I am doing to act like I’m working…..
  • Tried to figure out what I’m going to do for the rest of the 5 hours I plan on being here before I leave for the day….


I’ve also decided I need this sign….

What do you think?

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