Counting My Blessings…

The title, in case you haven’t watched White Christmas as much as I have, is part of a song from White Christmas.

I guess I feel like this year, I need to stop and step back and count my blessings – look for all of the good despite how much of an emotional roller coaster this holiday season has been.

I am blessed we are warm and dry.  We, unlike others we know, are not having to worry about landslides and flooding and losing power.  We have lost all of our trees already so our chances of that happening are nil too.  I’m happy we have a place to live – we have heat and electricity.  It may sound odd for me to write all of this, but where I live, I am reminded daily of how much I cannot take that for granted as each day I walk by people living in doorways, living in tents tucked here and there, who are asking for change so they can hopefully get in for the night.

I am blessed that most of those I love will be here.  My kids, my parents, G……they are going to be here tonight.  We’ll be able to sit next to the fire – in the light of the tree – and watch Christmas movies and eat good food.  SB will be the only one missing – that I love but who is not here.  (But I know he’s off where he needs to be this season – and that makes it easier.)

I am blessed that I can give my kids and my family presents and all for Christmas. I know how much of a luxury that can be for some.  And I’m even more blessed that my kids and all just want to be together for the holidays – that stuff is just that – stuff.

Overall – I blessed because I have love and health and that is the best thing anyone can have for the holiday.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas – and take the time to count your blessings instead of your annoyances or curses.

Happy Christmas!

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