Being Seen

“I know who you are – I see you.”

Powerful words.

For some, they may be complexed. But for someone who does their best to hide feelings – and keep myself a half step away from people figuring me out – it’s a big deal.

I see you.


And yay!

And fuck again.

To be seen is to trust, is to be vulnerable, to be, uhm, wow.

Only two people have ever seen me – G and SB.  I may be hyperbole for some, but it is truth.If I say to one of them, this is how I feel, I get support – not judgment or wel, buts — I get an understanding which makes that a big deal.


Because I’ve been told I cannot feel how I feel.

I need to take others into consideration instead of myself – I think I often do, but few acknowledge.

I am made to feel stupid – intentionally or not – doesn’t matter. I feel wrong for feeling how I feel.

So when someone understands –

And commiserates –

And see me –

Well, it’s a big deal

Too few get that.

Many should.

And in that moment of seeing what should be versus what is – I see truth ….

….who loves me….

….who does not…

….and I get it…..

….And feel blessed.

What do you think?

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