A Glimpse and A Longing

As I was driving my car to the dealer to have it fixed, I was stopped at a light where two lovers were saying good-bye.  He tilted her face up to his, then his hands slid into her hair.  He grabbed a chunk of it, turned her face to the left, then he captured his lips with his own.  Sitting there at the light, watching this play out in the few seconds I hate, I could feel their passion – their lust – their love.

And then the light changed, he released her, and he stood there as she walked to her stop. Then I saw him turn and walk away. I pressed on the gas to start thru the intersection, but my mind was elsewhere….

…..I was entering his home….

…..I embraced him and he embraced me……

….his lips found mine, and I found his…..

….and that is how we stayed – exploring each other – with tongues and lips and teeth…..

Then I remembered to go.

It’s funny how seeing someone else’s moment brought forth the lust for my own.  How it triggered my longing.  How my head went to what I wanted.  And I felt every moment to my toes – I felt the emotions wash over my entire body. It’s funny how that works.

Nay, it’s not funny – it’s truth.

When I miss him – I miss him down to my toes – in ways that is far from superficial – and deep into me. I can’t explain how it feels. I just feel the lack of balance – like something is missing – like I need something.

That is it……where I’m at.

I know it will get better – but for now – I long. Long for him.


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