Top 10 Reasons You Should See Weird Al In Concert

      1. Polka remixes of annoying Top 10 Pop Songs
      2. Weird Al TV from the MTV years (when MTV was still about music videos) – he plays some of the best during the concert.
      3. Costume changes – lots of costume changes.  We realized there were a few he and his band did that we had to explain to our kids.  Like Divo.  I think he likely did more costume changes than you’d see at a Madonna concert.
      4. Seeing video montages of Weird Al showing up in a whole bunch of Saturday Morning Cartoons.
      5. Having the entire concert worth of people re-enact the video of Gangster’s Paradise while he performs Amish Paradise
      6. Hate “Blurred Lines” as much as our family does?  You will enjoy his live version of “Word Crimes” as much as we did.
      7. Having your kids turn to you while in this song is being performed to announce that next time, foil hats must be made and worn.
      8. Lots and lots of accordion.  As G commented, he is the most well known accordion player on the planet.
      9. Seeing Storm Troopers dancing to his Star Wars Parody sung to the American Pie tune.
      10. Looking over at your kids and seeing them laughing so hard they are doubled over and almost in tears from the laughter.  And realizing that even though the are teens, you still surprised them in a good way.  Parenting Win!

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