Wednesday Wamblings

  • G’s college roommate passed overnight. While I hate the news, I am happy he is at peace without pain. When he started writing about his cancer earlier this year, it did not escape my notice how many times he mentioned the pain among the other symptoms and issues.  I feel for his family – his wife and kids.  I’m happy he passed quickly and painlessly -for his sake but also his family’s sake.  Given the age of his kids, he did not need a long drawn out death scene as that would have traumatized them.  Cancer fucking sucks.
  • Work has been fun to come back to. Big takeaways for me: nothing gets done if I’m not here – and right now is the season for people to quit the company.  With only a couple of exceptions, most of the recent departures have been good.  Now to see if people in leadership positions will actually fix shit.  I’m not holding my breath as they all claim they see the problem but have yet to take action to remedy the problem.
  • School starts tomorrow. Woo-hoo!  Oh did I say that out loud?  I think the only one in the house that will be sad is poor Maggie dog who still eats towels and sheets, so will find herself confined to her kennel all day to keep from doing that.  Poor Maggie.
  • I’m excited at the fact the Forest for the Trees NW (FFTTNW) is doing their 3rd annual mural project around the city.  Portland has always been known for the amount of public art we have in the city.  Walking four blocks from my car to work each morning, I pass no fewer than 6 sculptures, for example.  This group find blank building walls that would normally be magnets for graffiti and asks to paint huge murals on them.  They then get artists from around the world to do the painting.  Last year, I went around and photographed the works when they were done.  They were amazing really.  I cannot wait for them to get done later this week.  One is being painted near my work, so it’s been fun walking by it and seeing how they are progressing.  Such a neat project.  Here is one from last year: 
  • I work next to a woman who is a pain in the ass. I hate being forced to overhear her absurd arguments and requests.  Today, it’s about the version of software she is having installed.  The person asked her what she was doing – “process diagrams” she replied.  Hearing that, I know (from my experience) that she does not need the software she wants as the software she has is more than adequate.  It’s like someone who needs a plain text editor complaining that they don’t have Microsoft Word for their plain text editing needs.  She is arguing because “it’s what I want”.  What she wants – as a contractor – is about $1000 more than what she got.  This is ranking right up there with her last rant that ended with “you do not respect my process!!”
  • It’s supposed to rain this weekend. I almost don’t want to believe it because we need it so badly for so many reasons that I feel to believe it may make it be 100 degrees instead of being rainy.

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