Unexpected connections


Years ago, G played rugby for a team of gay men.  He wasn’t the only non-gay man.  There were a number of pansexual men, straight men, and bi-sexual guys.  I always appreciated the fact they were always what they were – never apologizing for who they were, never downplaying it.  I liked that.

Even at a time where I did not understand it. Understand how important it could be.

Fast forward about five-six years, and I am talking to a guy from the team.  He is a huge guy – someone you didn’t screw with – but someone who was a gentle giant.  Photography had become his thing – and I appreciate it.  We spoke for a bit, he told me of a photo he had taken, I told him about my printer, and we were negotiating a print job.

Today we played around with printing his photos. He is part of a pagan group and had taken some amazing photos.  We printed them off for an auction.

He had asked me a few weeks ago about how I knew a few people in his circle.  I gave politically correct answers. He gave me polite responses.  It felt like a careful dance that was well performed by both parties.

Until today.

I stopped dancing the dance.

I’m kinky, I explained.

I’m poly, I explained.

Those photos you loved that I took a few days ago? I was with my other partner, I told him.

He chuckled.

He understood.

He told me more of his story.

We shared some energy.

We shared some history.

And it felt good.

No more careful dance.

More of some trust.

It was how I prefer it.

To be open about who I care about.

To be honest about who I am.

It was nice being able to do both.

He commented about a few people he knows – he knew – and how he knew / knows them.  It was his way of trying to connect – trying to show he understands. I appreciated what he was doing.

He talked about his connections with a community SB is connected.  He talked in circles about someone that was close to SB. I mentioned his name – mentioned his passing -and it was another point of connection.

“HIs passing caused a ripple through my community too” was his comment.

I’m always surprised even when I shouldn’t be.

So many points of connection – so many points of understanding – even when you least expect it.

I thank the universe for it –

I thank it for what it give me.

Especially when it happens unexpectedly,


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