Reflections post-beach

intimacyAfter coming back from spending three days at the beach with SB, I saw a friend on FB had posted this image.  I smiled to myself because of the truth of it all.  How sad that people confuse intimacy with nudity or sex when intimacy is about baring oneself to a person in a way that is more naked than just flesh.  How it is to lay oneself before this person, point out all the tender spots that would cause pain (not physical but emotional), and trust the person won’t use that knowledge to hurt you.

I smiled.  I get it.

Then I read some comments.

And it made me sad.

“It’s a nice idea but I have yet to see this happen in real life” was the one that stuck out at me.  I know the person too.  They have had a failed marriage and a number of long term relationships – quite a number.  And for this person who is 43 years into life to say s/he has never seen this in real life……well, it’s sad.

Especially since I’ve had it twice.

I commented to SB this weekend the number of times he will say something that is direct conflict with what others have said to me.  Sometimes it is in such stark contrast that all I can sit there and do is be in awe that he would say such wonderful things.  So I explained it to him.  He was appalled at the words of others.  It made me feel less a freak – and more like I do know who I am.  And to be fair, G had also commented that those words were fucked up.  But it’s hard – when so many other voices seem to join in on the other side – or at least their actions do – to believe it.  For me, anyway, not question it anyway.

But I digress.

We spent the last few days exhaling. Soaking up the energy in the other person.  And truly enjoying each other’s company (while not burning up in the 100 degree city back home).

The craziness of schedules the past few months was put aside.  It was nice to have the time – not to feel rushed – or for me to wonder what was on fire at work or what was next up at home.  To just be.

It was truly nice… use a mundane word that truly cannot capture how it was.

I am happy we had the time.

And I am happy we have the intimacy.


What do you think?

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