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  • DJ, my 15 year old daughter, is going in to take the written test to get her learner’s permit.  I’m happy & excited because there may be an end in sight for having to drive her everywhere.  I’m sad because it is reminding me she is growing up way too fucking fast – and, well, I’m not ready for it.
  • Last night, DJ and I went to one of the most exciting Portland Thorn’s soccer games in recent history.  The last one was when the goalie scored the tying point in the final seconds of the game.  What made this game fun was the fact that the team was cohesive.  And when they found a weakness, they exploited it over and over again to their advantage.  The play was physical, but exciting.  The awesome forward from England scored the first point on a great run.  The only moment of “oh crap” was when our defender got her foot on a shot into goal……only to have it go off her foot wrong and into the goal.  What was funny was the fact that, at this point in the game, the Thorn had taken 6 shots on goal to the opponents no-shots.  The fact they were on the board with a points without any shots on goal was pretty funny.  The only sad part last night was that, despite their best efforts, Tobin Heath and Christine Sinclair were unable to score.  But both assisted to the point where it didn’t matter.  They were all having fun, working hard, and celebrating that it was paying off.  They looked amazing.  It could be interesting to see what they do with the remaining games if they keep going this way.
  • I feel like Indigo’s camp is falling down on the job. In the past, they posted photos throughout the week.  It was fun to look through them and see if I could spot Indigo.  This time? Nope. Nada. Hate that!
  • I’ll honestly admit I’m only halfway working today. I truly feel like I’ve mentally put in a 40-hr work week given all the bullshit I’ve had to deal with the last few days.  I’m truly laying low.  I realized I was truly done with a work friend started ranting about something I had said – and I cut him off at the knees, corrected him, and left him in a space of “oh, I do believe I crossed a line”.  He was listening to respond, not listening to understand what I was saying.  Given that has been the MO of most of the people in the office this week, I was just done.  Oh this week can’t end soon enough!
  • 9 days until vacation!! Woo hoo!  Just had to throw that in.
  • During the other part of my vacation week, I am going to do a photo project I’ve had in the queue to do but haven’t had time.  There is a local artist who did a set of playing cards – each illustrated with a different place in Portland.  When I looked at them while at Saturday Market a few months ago, the idea came to me, so I bought a deck.  My goal is to find and shoot each location from his angle that is illustrated on the card. Sound be fun to seek those locations out – as some are places I have never been.  But to also walk around and try to find where he was sitting at the time of the drawing should also be fun.  The deck of card came with a map of where these places are located – so I won’t get too lost.
  • DJ  and G are working on a comic book together.  G has written the scripted titled “Space Shark” – and DJ is doing the art.  He gave her liberty with some of the characters – who gets killed first, etc.  She has put together a very ethnically diverse group on the gender spectrum.  She drew up the characters first for practice and reference – mapped out the first 10 pages – drew the boxes and on all each page – and is now drawing the story.  It’s looking pretty good so far.  Last night, after we got home from the soccer game, she immediately went back to drawing it.  Should be neat to see how it turns out.  G’s cousin who is an artist asked if he could do the cover.  Definitely going to be a family affair!
  • Found a new phone for Indigo who washed her phone in the washing machine.  Hoping we won’t have too many issues getting it activated and all – damn cell phone company.  She’ll be happy to have it back. I’m looking forward to seeing all of her selfies because, well, she takes the best selfies.  And I’m looking forward to being able to contact her when she’s home alone.
  • It’s national IPA day – celebrate accordingly.
  • Oh, and be sure to either get your presidential candidate wig or download a bingo card when watching the Republican Candidate debate –

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