Reliving a Memory of An Event Passed


The mind is a funny thing – not always funny ha-ha but funny odd.  Today something popped into my head – a memory that had me smiling to myself.

I know where it came from.  A conversation with a kinky friend who was commenting about all of the parties that have ended as of late.  DeaconX, Twisted, Rope Party, and another whose name escaped me.  She commented that it was true – and don’t forget the Sensations parties.

How can I forget the Sensations parties?

While I attended very few – there was one very important one I attended that will always stick in my mind.

I had attended with this same friend who had volunteered to work the door.  She didn’t want to go alone, so she begged me to attend.  I had an open night, so why not, I thought.

We arrived, she went to work, and I wandered around. I saw some people I knew – said some hellos and did the small talk thing.  A well known sadist and his partner attended – and he grabbed me, took me to a massage table, and said we were playing.  We have played a lot.  We had a great friendship – we had great energy while we played – and that was it.  That was enough.  I stripped off my clothes, got the on table – leaving on my garters and stockings as he asked – and got on the table to play.

It was a great scene.  I laughed and squealed and giggled and squirmed – and he went thru his evil bag of toys bringing out more and more evil ones.  I could see out of the corner of my eyes that people were watching – but given where we were, people could do nothing less than that.  We ended on a heavy note – we laughed – we came down from the high, hugged and went our own ways.

I learned later from my friend working the door that our scene scared away about 5 newbie. She tried to explain we are not the scene to judge others on – but, well, it was too heavy for them to watch and understand – so they left.

That made me giggle – knowing a scene chased people away.

While that part of my evening was interesting – it was what happened next that had me reminiscing.

Twas the night SB and I actually connected.

I was higher than a kite with energy.  He was lit up from his scene.  And we talked.  A good conversation where we were both in a place and a location to have the conversation.  We had been in circles before – I knew his name; he knew mine. But we never spoke given the circle was usually dominated by others – and truthfully, I would end up gravitating to those I knew well instead of trying to figure out how I fit into the circle dynamic that evolved when the right people came together.

But that night – we talked.

That night – we connected.

That night was the start of all other things.

I sensed at the time that the interaction was important.  And later I knew it was.

We talked. We laughed. I showed him my bruised ass as we talked about the scene. It was one of those moments in time that I will always remember.

It was a moment that started other things between us. It started a ride neither were initially prepared to take – but now crave.  Evolution – learning – separating the wheat from the chaff – and loving each other realizing that sometimes love is not easy but it is worth it with the right person.

I sat there reliving that night  – reliving that memory –  as my friend chatted at me – lamenting the fact that those parties never yielded anything for her.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about the great thing that party yielded me –

– connection with an amazing man – one who has brought so much to my life – and continues to bring amazing things to my life.

For me, that party yielding an important thing –

– and it won’t be forgotten.

Even if the event itself has been forgotten by many.


What do you think?

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