My Photographs & My Blog


I have been going back and forth about my photographs on my blog.  I love sharing them and hearing feedback from people, but I’ve noticed more and more over time that people are downloading them.  While on one hand, I am flattered – on the other hand, I really have tried to sell my work in a physical form so it feels like I am put into an uncomfortable position.  I either disable downloading – or I send people to a site making them buy the photo.

Or I do what I’m going to do – and take a page out of Amanda Palmer’s book and put a “donate to my photography ” button on my site and let support my art as they see fit.

I could do what some photographers do and guard their work with their life, searching websites for their photos, then sending letters demanding that their work be removed immediately else there will be legal action taken.  And I admire that people do that – it’s their art and their right to do it – it’s just not me.  I would totally do all of that if I found my photos showing up on a commercial site without my permission and all – that’s a different beast in my book.

If you’re one of those who have downloaded my pics for personal use, consider contributing to my photography habit.  Consider the button my virtual tip cup – consider using it.  🙂


What do you think?

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