BNL – Violent Femmes – Colin Hays – Yay!


I had no idea Colin Hays would be there.  I love that guy – the former lead singer of Men at Work was the opening act for Violent Femmes and Barenaked Ladies (aka BNL).  Him, his guitar, his Scottish-Australian accent, his great songs — it was great. He was funny and perfect, even if, at that moment, the skies opened up and we got soaked by the first rains we have seen in several months.


I love this song – made popular by Scrubs.

And yeah, he sang it too.

Then came onto the stage Violent Femmes.  Great mix of music.  I say that because nothing like hearing Blister In The Sun followed by a gospel song about Jesus.  It was great but weird.

I had loved BNL since I heard their live album years ago – Rock Spectacle.  I loved the humor – I loved the great songs – I loved them after hearing it.

Last night, did not disappoint.  They were funny – making up songs about Portland and the Saturday Market – and talking about Voodoo Donuts.  They took a sign someone was holding and made that up into a song.  They invited Colin Hay to play with them – first a Men at Work song – then a BNL song.  One of the Violent Femmes also joined in on one of the songs.

They wrapped up the concert with a medley of songs ranging from rap to funk to bad disney movie.  It was fucking hilarious and perfect.

And encore brought forth the drummer who sang Led Zepplin and other rock songs.

It was perfect.

We laughed (apparently people who don’t sing during concerts is racist per BNL).

We enjoyed the dancing in the rain.

And we just had a great night of music and fun.

One thing both G and I noted was some of the best concerts we have gone to have been Canadian bands where somehow they make a huge crowd feel like we’re crammed into their house as they play; and we laugh and sing.   Funny how that works out.

Definitely worth the rain.

What do you think?

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