Motivational Monday (a bit late)


On the coast with my Daddy – without internet access or cell phone coverage – so this is just getting posted now.

Minute you take something into the space of personal attack – you’ve lost.

I just had this conversation this weekend.  Learn and go forward on a different path – you don’t have to inherit what you hated.  Forge your new path.

I need this tattoo’d to my forehead sometimes.  I know that.

I seem to be finding a couple of quotations that follow along with a great conversation that I had with Daddy.  The people I love – I love, not because I am looking for them to replace what I don’t have for myself.   I love them because of who they are – and what they bring to my life from their own lives.  When you are looking the least, that is when you find love.  Why is that? Because in those moments, you are happy with who you are, where you are…….you don’t feel  that you are incomplete without a partner.  Be whole on your own – the rest will follow. <end mini-rant>

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  1. Motivational Monday (a bit late)

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