An Evening of Perspective & Laughter


My work week ended as most people’s do.

  • Picked up a kid from school.
  • Helped get my husband and daughter packed for a camping trip.
  • Dinner with my other daughter and my love SB.

You know – the usual.

Ok, maybe that last one is not usual for most.

It was funny – all of us talking in the kitchen as G and DJ got ready for the camping trip last night and tonight.  Making jokes with each other – asking about this or that.  I’d wander over to where SB was perched at the island and get a kiss or a grope.  Just a typical evening in a house of poly.

After they left, SB asked “are you ready for a beer now?”  Oh yes!

My work week was short, but it was like the universe decided to cram all of the bullshit of a normal workweek into three days.  Yeah, I was ready for a beer.

We grabbed Indigo and headed to my favorite pub – a brewery and restaurant owned by a well known brewer in the Oregon brewing scene.  Good beer and amazing food and great atmosphere.

The laughter started when we got into the car and didn’t end until we got home. And even then, it really didn’t end.

I love how that works.  I love that I could sit there in the restaurant, next to SB who has his hand on my leg, sip good beer, laugh at my daughter and her drawings, exchange kisses, and laugh some more even after our food was served and eaten.  I love how easily SB can interact with my kids.  And I love how my kids just go with the flow in terms of how SB and I are together.

I love my life.

It may not always be easy. Fuck, sometimes it is downright not easy.  But in the end, nights like last night remind me why my life is fucking awesome.  There is lots of love – lots of laughter – and moments where the other shit….well, it doesn’t fucking matter.   Only moments like last night matter.

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  1. An Evening of Perspective & Laughter

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