Sore and Truth

“It left me sore with my legs feeling shaky.”

Part of the comment I left in the Facebook exercise group yesterday.

A comment that has so much behind it that the women in the group would blush if they even have any idea. Or if I had typed the truth:

“I went into yesterday’s workout already sore from my weekend. No, I did not go out and run a race or workout hard at the gym.  I had a great session with my Daddy who definitely put my body through some sadistic paces, but I won’t share the details because I don’t want anyone to be jealous. Needless to say, the warm-up part of the workout made me feel all of the muscles in my legs and back and abs that I had used Sunday between the rough sex and the dancing at the concert Sunday night.  Two minutes into the warm-up portion of the workout, I knew I was in trouble.  But I pushed hard and through the soreness.  When I got done though, I felt as wobbly as one does after a good orgasm or three. ”

I don’t know….think they could handle the truth?

Yeah, probably not.

What do you think?

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